Community FAQ’s old

Who qualifies?

What constitutes a community to qualify to access sponsorship funds or set up a community market?

A community is a group of people that share a common characteristic. It could be location, so regions, towns or suburban precincts can define a community. Schools, clubs or charities have an easily defined common characteristic or goal. The only attribute required to qualify to join or establish a Community Market, is that you are able to engage a group of people that support your cause or goal.

Where does the sponsorship funding come from?

One of the primary methods for businesses to connect with customers today is through performance based, or affiliate marketing. It is highly effective, because businesses can measure their costs against the sales benefit they receive. Community Market simply applies this existing marketing funding, toward our Community Sponsorship program.

Over 100 major retailers and brands have reviewed and joined the Community Market program, for their online stores. However, a unique aspect of the Community Market platform is that it applies some cool, internationally recognised, technology to verify and measure offline sales. This means Community market can expand performance based sponsorship funding, to include local independent businesses. This is important because these businesses are a key part of our local communities and they are also very keen to engage new customers and compete with major marketers across omni-channel, digital markets.

Do communities receive a reasonable split of revenue?

The school, club or group operating a Community Market receives: 51% of all commission revenue from the Marketplace. 75% of all revenue from the Bulletin Board. 90% of all revenue from the Sponsor’s Gallery. We use the balance of the income to cover: hosting, security and administration of the platform, platform development, support for local businesses, recruitment assistance, plus sales verification, reporting and (most importantly) funds administration, processing and payment.

What do we have to do?

Accessing Community Sponsorship funding is as easy. Simply review and authorise the program, provide the details and a little background on your group and tell us where you would like the funds deposited. Our Presentation document details how the program operates, including what income streams are available and the split of revenue. Links to full terms and conditions are available at the bottom of each page.

If you are keen to maximise Community Market Sponsorship, we can set up your own Community Market. Setting up your fundraising project is free and easy. Register your project and establish your goals. You then confirm the control standards that govern how you want you market to run. These become your terms and conditions. They include all the expected controls and monitoring, but you can set any specific elements that you wish to present or exclude. The Community Market team will then help set up your free Community Market web platform.

Your Marketplace will be called:

You are then provided with two templated frameworks:

  1. To engage your group members and their families
  2. To promote your Community Market to local businesses

Does it cost anything to join or set up a Community Market?

No. Nothing. Not a cent.

How much can we raise?

There is no limit. How important is your goal to your group? We believe our examples are conservative. The best fundraising, weaves mutual benefit with mutual participation, to enhance the fabric of the group. We have made the Community Market program as efficient and engaging as possible, for both families and businesses. We fund and host regular promotions and activities and are keen to work with you, to develop new features to implement your ideas. Community Market is a tool, a funding framework, that leverages the participation and engagement of your membership.

What does it cost for a local business to join our Market?

For local business, Community Market offers access to communication tools to grow their business, plus marketing resources that drive sales. Community Sponsor Membership costs just $6.90 per week and provides businesses access to all Community Markets. Businesses then pay just $39.50 per $500 sales they receive. All Community Sponsors get free advertising in the Community Market Bulletin Board.

When can we start our Community Market?

Communities that sign up prior to the end of December, will launch 1st February 2016.

We don’t have any local sponsors – how do we get started?

We have hundreds of sensational national retailers and online stores with great offers ready to go. However, shop local is the theme for Community Markets and we always headline local businesses. You raise more sponsorship from local businesses, because the greatest part of our household spend is around our local community. Community Market will assist you to implement a recruiting program. Some of the businesses for your directory and marketplace, will come from within your membership families. Others will be local favourites across a range of categories. Start putting a list together of favourite local businesses among your community. We will assist with communication and follow up.