Community FAQ’s

How does this start in my area?

A journey of a thousand miles, starts with one step. One day you may commend yourself, that you were the first in your area to post something, to help stock Australia’s online Community Op Shop.

Our plan is to work from communities out, as well as from community members back. That is to say, that we are listing community groups and charities to call on their members across Australia, to contribute items for their cause. At the same time, we are calling on all people to list their own items and nominate their favourite community.

Like any local store, we need to build stock before we will really start to see the sales kick in. So you might be sitting on the things you list, for just a few more weeks, while we build up stock and momentum. I am sure that is okay. It is possible that these wonderful things feel comfortable where they are. A few more weeks is just a temporary delay on a special cash contribution to your cause.

It would help a lot if you could encourage a few friends in your area to get involved. Maybe you could focus some activity for a special local cause. In the meantime, think about this. Over $30 billion dollars, worth of second hand things sold in Australia last year. If we could gather just 1% of that, we could raise around $30 million for Australia’s charities, clubs, schools and community groups. Wouldn’t that be great!

How do I list some thing?

Community Market is designed with mobile in mind. So open your mobile! Community Market listing app works straight from your mobile browser, it will access your camera or your gallery. You can snap off a few images, enter the description and price (dont forget to measure and enter dimensions if appropriate), and nominate your recipient group.

If you have a bunch of things to list, you can just capture the images on your mobile, then load them through the cloud or cable to your desktop, and add listings from your desktop if that is easier for you.

What information is published?

Both buyers and sellers are Community Members. They have registered on Community Market with a full address, mobile number and verified email address as confirmation of identity, however this information is not made public.

Each listing only shows the suburb and postcode and the seller’s name. It is important to keep in mind that the whole purpose of Community Market membership is for buyers and sellers to support their community.

Buyers will message you, via Community Market to find out more detail, or make an offer. You don’t have to provide your phone number. If for some reason you are not comfortable with a local community member knocking on your door, you might perhaps meet at the local shops or service station.

Other than listing items on the Community op Shop, how else can I raise money for my community?

Every click, like look and share on Community Market earns Pins to your account. Pins are like points that you transfer to you community as PinMoney to provide a cash contribution. When you shop at any Community Sponsor, either from an online ad or listing, or by logging an in-store purchase from a local business, you earn Pins at more than five times the average points program.

We have over 200 online Community Sponsors, representing all the best online retailers. All you have to do is shop from Community Market and the commission from the purchase is credited to your account in the form of Pins. You can then donate your Pins to any Group.

We also have a Shop Local program aimed to engage local shops, salons, restaurants, in fact all local businesses can become Community Sponsors, to promote their business and contribute to your cause. If you would like help to engage local sponsors, or to become a local Community Sponsor, get in touch with our Sponsorship Coordinator.

Who can set up a Community Group?

A community is a group of people that share a common characteristic. It could be location, so regions, towns or suburban precincts can define a community. Schools, clubs or charitable causes have an easily defined common characteristic or goal. To operate an effective program, you need to be able to engage a group of people that are willing to participate, to support your cause or goal. If your group is part of an established organisation such as a club, charity or school, you will need to confirm you are authorised to set up a group to communicate, canvas members and raise money on that organisations behalf.

Does it cost anything to join or set up a Community Market?

No. Nothing. Not a cent.

Where does the sponsorship funding come from?

Community Members contribute to the Community Sponsorship fundwhen they sell an item in the Community Op Shop. Additional Community Sponsorship funding comes from businesses as part of their marketing budget. For businesses, Community Sponsorship is a form of marketing that is more effective than advertising, because it creates relationships with customers around a common cause. Community Sponsorship works for businesses because it enables them to support the community or cause each customer cares most about. The business essentially supports the customer, to support their community.

How much goes to my community?

Community Market introduces new ways to convert community participation and sponsorship into cash, as efficiently as possible. Sponsorship is not a donation. It is a partnership that creates value from engagement. For contributed items, we have to make a sale, before the sponsorship is converted into cash.

If you would like to just donate cash through Community Market, one hundred percent of your donation, is paid directly to your chosen charity, community group or cause. Community Market uses the Community Sponsorship fund to pay the cost of hosting, administering donated funds as well as credit card fees or other transaction charges.

Out of the sales income from the Op Shop, eighty percent goes directly to the Community Op Shop that sells the item. That is the cause nominated by the person who contributed the “thing”.

Eight percent goes to the Community Sponsorship fund to support one of the following;

*Community Group Op Shop Bonus

*Affiliate Sales Commission

*Community Network Partners

*Marketing & Development Budget

The Community Sponsorship Fund is designed to ensure appropriate funding is provided to maximise the promotion and full potential of the marketplace in line with current ecommerce marketing practices. Community Sponsorship covers all payment processing costs as well as paying commission and bonuses to participating Community Groups as well as Community Network and Affiliate Partners that contribute to expand the promotion of sales across their individual community members.

Ten percent goes to the company running the program.

Transactionn fees;

  • Merchant Bank Fees: 1.75% + 30 cents

From business Community Sponsorship, around eighty percent goes to the Community Sponsorship fund, with the balance going toward promoting our sponsors, hosting and administering the program, verifying sales transactions, credit card transaction fees and growing the Community Sponsorship program.

If we register a Group, what do we have to do?

To run an effective program, you simply need to be able to communicate with your members, to engage and encourage them to participate.

We provide a range of program initiatives and events as core opportunities to raise funds through the participation of members. First, register, click on “Groups” and select “Create a Group” then follow the steps to set up your group on Community Market. Some of the initial events to raise money include:

  • A Membership Drive you raise money just for inviting members, then more money for each member that joins your group
  • A Sponsorship Drive you raise money for inviting local business sponsors to sponsor your group and even more money for every sponsor you recruit.
  • A Yard Sale creates an event for your Op Shop, to encourage your members to de-clutter and recycle unwanted household items. The proceeds go directly to your group.
  • Supporting Sponsors there are over 200 major retail sponsors on Community Markets online mall. In addition we work with you to recruit local sponsors from the local shops, butchers, bakers, grocers, plus restaurants, salons . . . in fact anyone can sponsor your group. Every time a member clicks on a sponsors page or ad on Community Market, you raise money for your group. Every time they shop or spend money with a sponsor, they raise even more money for the group.

How much can we raise?

There is no limit. How important is your goal to your group? The best fundraising, weaves mutual benefit with mutual participation, to enhance the fabric of the group. We believe around 100 participating members should be capable of achieving a goal of $5,000 – $10,000 in the first year.

We have made the Community Market program as efficient and engaging as possible, for both families and businesses. We fund and host regular promotions and activities and are keen to work with you, to develop new features to implement your ideas. Community Market is a tool, a funding framework, that leverages the participation and engagement of your membership.